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gigantic spaces between the lines

I was a member of a successful society.
There was a successful someone inside of me
But then it turned around and inside out and upside down.
They trapped a wrapped and packed me shifty out of town.

Crawling can be beautiful it sure beats standing still
Crawling on your hands and knees takes self-control and skill.

Can we declare, though scared,
This room to be a sovereign state
Where citizens share skins and sins and copulate.
'Cause if we can I think we should and shouldn't waste a breath.
A baby place is faced with settling on baby steps.

Who here finds this world distracting?
Who here finds this world a bore?
Who here thinks we're all play acting and that the show's piss poor?
I for one am dazzled,
I don't care if dazzled blind,
Rapt, enraptured, captured by every little thing I find.


They say, “Once you’ve found love and it’s rarer than gold. You stake your claim- it’s so hard to hold.” I say, “We’ve struck a vein and it’s wide as a road!” Have we got love enough to go around? Why don’t you get a piece and pass it down? Even 100,000,000 years from now the love we make will still be putting out. We filled up our pockets till they would explode. And called the whole world here so they could behold; The light of our love beats the dark and the cold. I get the best of you, you get the best of me. You know I come to you across the broadest sea. For just a speck of you I’d trade the whole of me. I wish each peck from you would last eternity. Where the skin’s thin and where the skin gathers. When you’re moving in and see it’s all that matters. Records left skipping, clothing all scattered, A kiss in the kitchen, The dishes all shattered. We’ll make a lover of you.
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