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USA Today says "Atheism is not the final word".

It seems to me that Don Feder has nothing to write about outside of his evangelical Christian views and his unsettling homophobia and heterosexist ideas, which he seems to categorize as commonplace.

"Atheism isn't the final word" was an opinion piece in today's paper putting down books on atheism and praising christianity, including a whole section on historical evidence of God, saying "His footprints can be discerned in the sands of time." How languid.
In this latter section, he states that 'Jews introduced the world to monotheism' which, yes, is true. He goes on to say that they were also the first people to percieve history as linear - which means that history is a simple, unfolding plot that is progressing toward a conclusion.
Since when have linear thought processes EVER described the way the world works?
I thought we had proven that things are not so simple.

When I have time, I will make some point here concerning how silly it is to complain about the number of books written on one subject. No matter what, Mr. Feder, you'll still have 585,023,708(real number - bibles to beat.

I have to go, and plan to finish this later, but i will leave you with some quotes from Feder himself.

"Let the godless write their books and the faithful answer them."

"Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., has become the first member of Congress to announce that he doesn't believe in God. He's probably just looking for a book deal."

"It seems as though a hunger for the Creator is imprinted on the human heart."

He also said that without God, America would never have won the Civil War, or even it's own independence.

"A denial of God leads to nowhere."

more later.
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