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(we are) traveling at the speed of sound.

small room
filthy room
spoiled milk
dirty glasses
nail biting
ripped pantyhose
sharing stimulants
red wine, white wine
beer at terrible parties
smoking too much
fucking too much
open cereal boxes
long walks in the cold
late nights
early mornings
loud music
greasy bowling balls
holes in my shoes
candy addiction
kisses, dried and calcified
crusty couches
sleeping naked
dead plants
dust on my windowsill..

..these are the things in my life that could be causing my current accumulation of health problems.

i used to be able to do whatever i could to fight gravity, biology and federal forces.
i am now...a reckless case of lost immunity.

god that movie was awful. it was so good, and so true. and so fucking depressing.
kicking and screaming...bored with the STAGNANT (yes, that is the only proper word, i will keep using it)..the stagnant life that we will KNOW FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.
what am i ever going to end up doing?
i feel like i can't truly love anyone the way i did when i was seventeen.
i've not had this problem.
i was always breaking rules and being weird and driving across the midwest and falling in love with terrible people.

what was that dream?
she was so sick..
as in ill.
it was a small community.

writers block. is, at best, something that allows you to find the past comforting.

you get out of bed,
and put on your shoes
you're tired of them but
they're not through with you.
we're guessing on tests,
who knows what to do?
when the scientist said it,
we knew it was true.
you're born and you're red,
you're dead and you're blue,
you're green at nineteen and grey at twenty-two.

skating on the interstate.
(we'd like, to stay that way.)

who has ever heard of
such cerebral words?

those fucking leech-rockers.
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