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yesterday, tuesday evening, my Q instructor had some performance or ballet to attend. she
requested that we go to a 'Sex Q & A" being held by a young female grad student in the
collins coffeeshop. it was that or write an essay, and i guess you could say it isn't
exactly useless information at this point in life.
at any rate.
she's talking about HPV. warts. you know.
"80 percent of all people have been exposed to HPV at some point in time."
and as if that isn't unpleasant enough on its own,
this kid sitting next to me starts having a seizure.
it lasted a minute. he didn't remember it. he says it's nothing, its happened once
before. by then the ambulance is there.
"it wasn't a seizure!" he keeps saying.
i thought..yeah, that or he's possessed.
they shone lights in his eyes, an action that of course can define any ailment.
he went away on the stretcher.
it bothered me, for some reason. shook me up a bit.
hpv and shaking bodies.
not quite as erotic as one would hope.
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